DRM SW Transmissions Start in Brazil

DRM SW Transmissions Start in Brazil

After initial tests carried out at the end of last month, from 2nd December 2020, Brazil is broadcasting in DRM on 11910 kHz from the public broadcaster EBC (Empresa Brasil de Comunicação) HF transmission site to the Amazon region and other parts of the Americas. The test is the result of the partnership between the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Communications, University of Brasília and EBC, and benefits from the development of the first HF DRM transmitter in Brazil by BT Transmitters. The recently installed transmitter is on air with 1 kW of power, irradiating from a huge HRS 4/4/0.5 antenna beamed to the north.

Companies and organizations supporting the project are BT Transmitters, Fraunhofer IIS, DRM Consortium, ABRADIG, Digidia and many others which, directly or indirectly, are helping Brazil to give its radio broadcasting a future – which is digital.

The audio quality of the transmissions has been recorded in Brazil and further afield like the US (California), Canada (Ottawa) and UK. Please check these YouTube videos: US (North California) and Brazil

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