EWF Firmware for Other Standards as Well – Your Question Answered

EWF Firmware for Other Standards as Well – Your Question Answered

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Is the firmware for Emergency Warnings used in DRM capable of working in other standards, as well?

(Malaysian expert)

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The emergency warning functionality is increasing in importance in today’s world and is provided in different ways by different digital standards though DRM in AM, covering large areas, will be extremely effective in a lot of cases when just local coverage is not enough. DRM Emergency Warning Functionality is part and parcel of the DRM open standard and not just a firmware upgrade or bolt-on service. As the standard is working in both FM and AM (large distance), DRM allows for targeted emergency warnings to be delivered even from outside the affected areas in both audio and text (also in several languages, if required). This has been demonstrated in several countries (India, Australia) and is a key functionality for DRM in Indonesia. 

DRM video series: episode 3 – Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF)