Fruitful DRM+ Symposium In Germany On VHF Band III

The German State Media Authority of Rhineland Palatinate (LMK Ludwigshafen) and the University of Applied Sciences of Kaiserslautern (Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern) organised a symposium on the 27th of May 2010 in Kaiserslautern, Germany under the title: DRM+ in VHF Band III – together with DAB+: The Positive Potential for Digital Broadcasting. The interest was high and over 100 German and international experts attended the day that gave participants a chance to present quite a range of information and points of view on DRM+ and digital radio in general.

The symposium highlighted the encouraging  test results showing  that having DRM+ in band III does not disturb DAB/DAB+. Professor Andreas Steil, Joachim Lehnert and associates presented lab measurements of the field trial with DRM+ in VHF band III. Their presentation also included data on DRM+ mobile reception performance, protection ratios DRM+/DAB, field trials DRM+/DAB and preliminary planning parameters. Their paper concluded that DRM+ and DAB could be complementary  when co-deployed in band III. The same conclusion was underlined in the more general DRM presentation of Mr. Alexander Zink, Fraunhofer Institute.

For the complete programme, presentation slides, photos as well as further information  please visit:


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