I wish to start a DRM Radio station. What is cost of setup? – Your Question Answered

I wish to start a DRM Radio station. Please let me know current cost of setup when no upgrade is available in other words a full new DRM Station setup is required,  to broadcast from India. 

(Anthony Abraham, India)

Your interest in DRM is commendable and we applaud your wish to have DRM signals on air. But setting up a digital radio station from scratch is no mean feat as this is not just  a transmitter, the cost is much more than just that of a digital DRM transmitter. There is: the site of the transmitter and antenna, the license and the whole hardware and software chain from studio to site, as well as  the cost of creating and getting content on air i.e., electricity, cooling, manpower.
A proper business plan is also required, to see what the annual running costs will be (which might be lower in digital as electricity consumption is lower). The main thing is to decide what kind of bandwidth you want your station to use, whether large coverage AM or local, digital FM. The power of the transmitter is also a big factor in your decision and calculating the costs. This is why the mediumwave and shortwave transmitters covering hundreds and even thousands of kilometres are more expensive. For local coverage there are smaller, cheaper options. 

This is not to put you off trying to do DRM, just being realistic. As a not-for-profit consortium we do not sell any of the above but are ready to support any individual and organisation/company/radio station interested in having DRM signals on the air. 

Please contact us at:projectoffice@drm.org


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