Meeting on 3rd May 2013 by All India Radio with receiver manufacturers

Meeting on 3rd May 2013 by All India Radio with receiver manufacturers

All India Radio had a meeting with radio receiver manufacturers on 3rd May 2013 in Akashwani Bhawan New Delhi. Eight receiver manufacturers, two chip manufacturers and representatives of DRM Consortium attended this meeting. The Director General and Engineer-in-Chief of All India Radio and the Joint Secretary of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting addressed the participants and outlined the progress of installation of the digital (DRM) transmitters. They mentioned that the 1000 kW DRM transmitter at Rajkot is already operational. They indicated that the 1000 kW transmitter at Chinsurah (Kolkata) and six 20 kW DRM transmitters in Delhi, Chennai, Guwahati, Tawang, Barmer and Bikaner would be operational by July 2013. The schedule of implementation for the operation of the remaining 27 DRM transmitters which have already been ordered was also announced. The predicted coverage area for each of these transmitters was also outlined and once the transmitters are operational in August 2014, they should provide coverage to over 70% population of the country. The Joint Secretary explained that the Government of India has made huge investment in the installation of state-of-art DRM transmitters and asked the receiver manufacturers/distributors to come forward so that digital receivers at affordable prices can be made available across the country in order to reap the benefits of digitisation.

Receiver manufacturers welcomed the initiative and assured that they would take it forward. They recommended that All India Radio should mount a publicity campaign to outline the advantages/ features of digital radio which are not available on the analogue receivers. They further advised that DRM reception on mobile phones should also be ensured. On the issue of cost it was mentioned that digital radio chips are now available and as in the case of mobile phones, the prices will fall sharply once there is an increase in demand.

Yogendra Pal
Hon Chairman of the DRM India Chapter

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