Seminar on digital radio by IETE

The Apex Forum of the Institution of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) organized a seminar on digital radio (DRM) on 6th May 2013 in Delhi. Over 200 members of IETE, including a number of students, attended the seminar. Yogendra Pal, Hon Chairman of India Chapter of DRM Consortium and TVB Subrahmanyam, Director Analog Devices were the speakers.

Mr Pal indicated the shortcomings of analogue radio and then went on to outline the features of DRM digital and the implementation plan of All India Radio. He mentioned that DRM radio is not simply a replacement of analogue radio but it is a smart radio which not only provides excellent audio quality but also a number of value added services which are not possible even on FM. Progress on development and availability of DRM radios for automobiles, mobile phones and desktop receivers was then described by Mr Subrahmanyam. The participants were very excited with the features of digital radios and suggested that private operators in India should also make the most of these advantages and also go digital

The session was also streamed live on the IETE website for the benefits of IETE members in over 60 centres across the country.

Yogendra Pal,
Hon Chairman of the DRM India Chapter


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