Mercedes-Benz is the Latest Brand to Add DRM Digital Radio Support in India

Mercedes-Benz is the Latest Brand to Add DRM Digital Radio Support in India


As the number of new cars on Indian roads with line-fit DRM digital radio support surpasses 3 million, Mercedes-Benz recently announced the addition of DRM receiver support starting in its S-Class models. With this latest car brand to roll-out DRM functionality in the country, buyers now have the full choice of cars with built-in DRM digital radio support, from affordable mass-market models to high-end luxury cars.

Other brands that have already line-fit DRM receivers include Maruti-Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota, Mahindra and MG.

The wide-spread support of the Indian digital radio standard DRM — Digital Radio Mondiale – in car receivers is an exceptional success, as the magnitude of investment and the resulting speed of roll-out of line-fit DRM radio sets by the automotive industry is way ahead of any other digital radio deployment around the world.

This ever-growing support for DRM Digital Radio by the Indian automotive industry acknowledges AIR’s recent investment to successfully roll-out exclusive and innovative DRM Digital Radio services such as a Cricket commentary service, the 24/7 AIR News channel and Journaline text news, while encouraging AIR to quickly launch its announced public communication to explain the benefits of DRM digital radio services and build-up awareness among their audience.