New DRM schedules across the world – Your Question Answered

Who can tell me what are the new DRM schedules across the world in areas around me?

(Mozambique radio technician)

On 26th of March a new updated broadcast frequencies season (A23) has just started. As you know, this is to do with the change in seasons, times, and behaviour of ionosphere (in the North hemisphere, predominantly). The schedule refers mainly to DRM shortwave broadcasts and those mediumwave transmissions the DRM Consortium is aware of. As the frequencies for SW transmissions are discussed and agreed in an offshoot committee of ITU called HFCC (, these schedules refer mainly to shortwave broadcasts, both in analogue and DRM. The list which can be found now at:

The DRM Consortium tries to offer the best and most complete list, but this is compiled from various sources. As broadcasters do not need to notify the Consortium, ask its permission, or even check with the Consortium which broadcast frequencies they want to use or even change, this list is as good and complete as the information gets.


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