Subscription-based radio service like Satellite Radio – Your Question Answered

Subscription-based radio service like Satellite Radio – Your Question Answered

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What are the monetization options available in DRM? Does it support a subscription-based radio service like Satellite Radio?

(Subhadip – Indian DRM Radio enthusiast)

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DRM is an open system which means that, unlike other technologies like satellite radio, it has no “secrets” and can be used by any individual, company, organisation to broadcast or manufacture and distribute products enabling the transmission and reception of DRM signals. The DRM Consortium ( is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to promote this most advanced radio technology, but it does not control it and it does not benefit from it. Its activity is enabled by the membership annual fee paid by its members. They can be commercial companies, broadcasters, network operators and might have lucrative or commercial goals, or not. The Consortium does not give approvals, does not give certificates or share algorithms and there are other entities in the world pursuing DRM of which the Consortium might not even be aware. Establishing close links to the best DRM experts in the world, united in their joint efforts in the Consortium, gives, however, a great advantage to anyone interested in DRM. There are different levels of membership starting with that of DRM supporter which anyone in the world can become, for a nominal and small fee.