Pakistan Radio in DRM to reach 52 countries

The Pakistani Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb, launched on 30th July, the installation project of a 1000-kilowatt Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) digital transmitter at HPT complex, Rawat, Rawalpindi, at a cost of 4 billion Pakistani rupees. She said the groundbreaking initiative, set to be completed within two years, marked a significant milestone in the Radio Pakistan’s history and would revolutionize broadcasting capabilities.

The Information minister termed Digital Radio Mondiale Technology as inevitable to meet the modern needs of broadcasting because analogue and shortwave technology have been obsoleted.

This will increase the signal strength and coverage area of Radio Pakistan’s broadcasts to 52 countries in Central Asia, Middle East, Far East and eastern Europe, in addition to south Asia. Among the countries which would benefit from Radio Pakistan’s DRM broadcasts are Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Turkmenistan, and others.

Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb, who announced the project and its support by the government at the beginning of July already, underlined that the modern transmitter, based on DRM technology, will be able to transmit up to four different signals simultaneously.

The minister said the new transmitter would thus enable dissemination of vital emergency information to all citizens during natural calamities The sound quality of Radio Pakistan’s broadcasts would also be substantially improved, enhancing the overall listening experience for audiences. In addition, the use of the DRM technology would achieve significant cost savings for Radio Pakistan, with an estimated 33 percent reduction in electricity consumption.

The Minister congratulated the whole nation on the launch of this complex project and appreciated the hard work the Director General Radio Pakistan and of all officials who put in their efforts to start it. She also extended her gratitude to the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and the Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal for their full support in achieving this.  She stressed that this project is the translation of the Prime Minister’s vision for IT development opportunities, as the installation of this powerful digital transmitter will increase employment opportunities and engagement of the young with radio.

The Minister stressed that the Government’ decision to digitise Radio Pakistan after 75 years had been lauded by the international DRM Consortium. The inauguration is part of phase 1 of a three-phase DRM digitisation plan of the public Pakistani broadcaster; in effect, this signifies that Pakistan has embraced the DRM standard in all bands for the whole country.

To meet the modern needs of broadcasting, the Information and Broadcasting minister welcomed the choice of the Digital Radio Mondiale standard by Radio Pakistan as an inevitable development because analogue shortwave technology is obsolete. She therefore asked the Director General of Radio Pakistan to complete the project within one year, ahead of the two years stipulated time.




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