Questions Waited for first DRM – Africa Roundtable

Questions Waited for first DRM – Africa Roundtable

DRM – Africa Roundtable will be held on July 26th 1000-1130 UTC and you can register and actively participate by sending your queries already. Mark your questions AFRICA ROUNDTABLE and email them to:

This will make the event interactive and will enrich the question body we have already gathered as the DRM Consortium has participated in recent African workshops, conferences, and exhibitions. There we have registered great interest in the various aspects of DRM, the all-band open digital radio standard, expressed by a wide variety of African media experts and practitioners in many of the 54 African countries.

The DRM African Roundtable is the first such event organised by the Consortium for the continent and aims to offer more details about the technology, its benefits and implementation. It will be a practical event that aims to provide the right information and a fresh insight into African digital radio developments and challenges.

Please register for the roundtable: