Strong DRM presence at the HFCC meeting in Dallas

Strong DRM presence at the HFCC meeting in Dallas

Continental Electronics and the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters in the US co-sponsored the HFCC meeting which was held during the week of September 12th-16th.

DRM was very well represented at this important semi annual world meeting, and a very informative DRM Presentation was held Tuesday afternoon. Representing DRM during the presentation were Jeff White, Adil Mina, Horst Shultz, and Ludo Maes. Mr. Mina gave a general view about the present Status of HF world wide. He talked about the many countries who are purchasing new DRM Ready transmitters, as well as the many others who are upgrading and retrofitting their old transmitters and making them ready for DRM.

Ludo Maes, who is the chairman of the DRM Receivers Task force, explained the present status of DRM receivers worldwide. He discussed in detail all the excellent work that the committee have been doing to promote DRM and especially in working with the many Receiver manufacturing companies who are interested in building DRM Receivers. Ludo Maes also showed some of the new DRM receivers that he just brought with him from IBC, Amsterdam.

The audience was very much impressed with the presentation. Many presidents of various Broadcast organisations stayed after the meeting to inquire about all the available receivers.