Successful Upgrade of Older shortwave Transmitter using RFmondial’s DRM/AM exciter LVe

Successful Upgrade of Older shortwave Transmitter using RFmondial’s DRM/AM exciter LVe

Last year RFmondial, a key DRM Consortium member, was tasked with upgrading an older generation shortwave transmitter situated south of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. In late 2023 RFmondial was asked to replace a malfunctioning Transradio DMOD3, which was feeding a Continental Electronics short-wave transmitter located at Kajang. Known for its massive antenna masts this Malaysian site has been broadcasting all around the world since the 1970’s.

The upgrade of the transmitter was necessary, as Transradio is not on the market anymore and spare parts are not available. RFmondial’s broadcast exciter LVe has been designed exactly for this specific task of upgrading older transmitters and saving the cost and effort of investing into a new transmitter. The LVe is a fully digital broadcast exciter, tuneable within the longwave, mediumwave and shortwave frequency bands as well as in VHF. Furthermore, it meets all the performance requirements of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) broadcasts as well as pure analogue AM and simulcast transmissions.

Although the upgrade at Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) was mainly done to enable the continuation of the analogue shortwave program of RTM Wai/Limbang FM, the transmitter can now be prepared to provide digital broadcasts as well. Dr. Albert Waal, Head of Hardware Development, responsible for the upgrade of the transmitter station, says: “It was a great honour to upgrade this famous Malaysian transmitter site and to work with the very professional and kind staff of station manager Azizi Yusuf and his team.”

This installation fits with the aim of RFmondial to be the world-leading company in upgrading existing high-power transmitter installations of various makes and models like RIZ, Continental Electronics, Transradio, Thomson, or GatesAir.

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