Trust DRM in Any Emergency #WorldRadioDay

World Radio Day 2022 is a good opportunity to remind ourselves that especially in pandemic times radio has consolidated its position as one of the most popular means of communication, used by an overwhelming majority of people.

Digital radio DRM, is smart, green and can be listened to everywhere, even when electricity or connectivity are not reliable.

Digital Radio Mondiale, DRM, has a unique ability to cover local, regional, national and international audiences. With its combined offer of both good audio and data in more than one language DRM is uniquely capable to reach every citizen in an area with the vital emergency information needed when a natural, pandemic or man-made disaster strikes.

To underscore this great function of digital radio DRM we are spotlighting on World Radio Day 2022 a short video focused on the in-built Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) of DRM

More DRM illustrative and self- explanatory videos at:


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