DRM Provides Updates to ITU Africa Group Meeting and Iranian Media Conference


In January the DRM Consortium addressed audiences that it has met not very often in the past years: in Africa, The ITU Frequency Coordination Meeting for Africa and Iran, the 18th Iran Media Technology Conference (IMTEC).

The ITU Frequency Coordination Meeting for Africa was a good opportunity to bring to the expert participants the latest on the DRM roll-out and it benefits. The interest was high, the questions came thick and fast. As a result, we hope to be able to strengthen our cooperation with both ITU and ATU (African Telecommunications Union) as the African countries are addressing now more urgently the question of how to digitise this most popular platform, radio, in many of the countries of the continent. We are encouraged by this and ready to support.

The 18th Iran Media Technology Conference (IMTEC) organised by the national broadcaster IRIB and held in Tehran was not the first such annual event the DRM Consortium has been invited to. This time the hosts were most interested in the simulcasting aspects of DRM, the distance education possibility through DRM AM and the international rollout of DRM. The question and answers session was more intense than ever before proving that Iranian engineers understand digital radio, are very favourable to DRM and ready to roll it out in their country, especially on AM.