World Radio Day and DRM in Chennai

World Radio Day and DRM in Chennai

Dr. T. Jaisakthivel, Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism and Communication at the University of Madras in Chennai, has recently given details on the celebration of the World Radio Day at his university on 14th February 2022.

During the event held on the university campus, he conducted a seminar with the title “Radio in the Digital Age”. Dr. N. Mohan, a DRM enthusiast and supporter from Chennai, spoke to the students about the progress made from the earliest and simplest form of “Crystal Radio” to the latest technologically advanced Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) system.


World Radio Day Celebration at the University of Madras, Chennai, India

He explained very concisely the advanced features of DRM, like the finest audio quality in (mono and) stereo, the need for less power to broadcast over a large coverage area, the possibility to run analogue transmissions in parallel to digital ones. He underlined the energy-efficient broadcasts on several channels while using one frequency, and the valuable emergency warning functionality (EWF), vital during disasters. He also made references to the broadcast of information using the advanced text feature application called Journaline, as well as to multimedia possibilities on the radio’s screen (like slide shows). Dr. Mohan also demonstrated the quality of DRM broadcasts by AIR Chennai (711 KHz and 783 KHz) and by the BBC (15620 KHz) using an SDR based device.

Dr., Mohan’s presentation was well-received by the students. They showed their support for the DRM standard as demonstrated by the feedback given at the end of the event.

Dr.T. Jaisakthivel, the organiser of the seminar, emphasized also that the students need to take and make available the various forms of digital communication to the rural population using the written and radio media platforms.