Two DRM Specifications were Published by ETSI this week

ETSI TS 101 968 – DRM data applications directory : This  fully backward compatible update and simplification of the core DRM standard itself contains updates to the table of FAC (Fast Access Channel) Application identifiers to include SlideShow and the special indicator that allows lower power monitoring for emergency warning receiver wake-up.

ETSI TS 103 771 – DRM regional text profiles : a new specification for the regional text profiles, which include the Core Indian profile. This new specification is meant to support the DRM roll-out worldwide by ensuring proper receiver support for local Unicode scripts in various countries. It is a companion specification that will become fully effective when the main DRM system specification, ES 201 980, is approved and published because that has all the definitions for better text handling, the clean-up of the coding and modulation and the extra details for the low-power emergency warning monitoring.

We are now expecting the approval and publication of the DRM system specification, ETSI ES 201 980 expected in early 2021. is the standards organisation that  facilitates interoperability, security and competitive advantages across all sectors of industry.