Why do we need digital radio when there are satellites – Your Question Answered

Following a recent article I read, I am wondering why we need digital radio when satellite can cover large countries like mine?

(Australian listener)  

Satellite is very useful and used up to a point for radio or podcast distribution in countries like US and Canada. However, satellite broadcasting is considered much more expensive than terrestrial broadcasting.

Australia’s Viewer Accessed Satellite TV carries ABC/SBS radio but must be received by a stationary accurately pointed dish. It cannot be received in a moving vehicle or boat. So, for flexibility, easy access, cost, and wide coverage a standard like DRM remains the greenest and best solution, the golden standard.

To this add the in-built emergency warning function which is integral part of the DRM standard. This can be deployed nation-wide and also only target specific areas, if required. This flexibility, as well as the specific data, even in selected language is a level of sophistication that can be delivered by DRM (ewf.drm.org) 


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