AIR starts ‘News channel’ and ‘Cricket Commentary of ICC World Cup Matches’ on DRM Digital Radio

All India Radio (AIR) has a large network of 35 MW DRM transmitters out of which 2 (Delhi and Chennai) are broadcasting in pure DRM and remaining 33 in simulcast mode with pure DRM for 1 hour daily.

Over 15 lakh (1.5 million) vehicles in India have line-fit DRM receivers and this number is increasing every day. Most of the car manufacturers in India are either incorporating DRM in their vehicles or in the process to incorporate. 2 Indian receiver manufacturers are producing/developing standalone DRM receivers. Stakeholders have been asking AIR to provide exclusive content on DRM so that they get worth of the investment in DRM receivers.

Good news is that keeping in view the demand AIR has now started news and sports coverage on DRM. AIR’s News Channel is now available on DRM from Delhi and Chennai transmitters which are working on pure DRM. Hitherto this channel was available only on You Tube network. Cricket commentary on ICC World Cup matches is also available now from all the 35 DRM transmitters.

These initiatives will meet the pending demands of the digital radio listeners. I am sure that these will go in a big way in popularizing DRM digital services of AIR and motivate the manufacturers to come out with DRM receivers of various types.


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