DRM+ Trial in St Petersburg, Russia Unveiled

In the next month, Russia will begin DRM test in the VHF band. The DRM technology will be presented together with the Russian companies DIGITON, TRIADA TV and leading DRM technology companies Fraunhofer IIS, RFmondial and leading car infotainment chip maker NXP, all key members of the DRM Consortium.

The main purpose of the test is to demonstrate the significant opportunities and advantages of the DRM system for public and private broadcasters and showcase the benefits digital radio brings to listeners.

The transmitter will be installed in the middle of July and regular broadcasting in simulcast mode will start after the site acceptance tests. During the next 6 months the transmitter should be on air. The transmitting power is around 5kW for analogue and about 800 Watt for digital. This is a step forward after the trial of some years ago as the DRM broadcast will be in simulcast and the power used quite significant.


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