ASBU (Arab States Broadcasting Union) Training

DRM Consortium Vice-Chair, Jochen Huber and his Transradio colleague Christian Hoerlle, recently travelled to Kuwait to deliver a DRM system and integration training course to key staff from the ASBU.

At the request of the ASBU a five day DRM training course was organized in late April. Radio Kuwait hosted the week-long event and provided all technical facilities. The training was well attended by thirteen highly interested and motivated participants from several Arab state countries.

During the training the participants learned about DRM basics, features and the benefits for Network operators, broadcasters and listeners as well as the influence of the main parameters like MER and spectrum on the coverage area.

The topics covered by the course were how to install the system correctly including the exciter, transmitter and antenna, as well as how to set up the correct parameters to get the best results during transmission.

The feedback from participants and Radio Kuwait was very positive. Highlights of the course included the visit to the Kabd transmitter station and the diplomas award ceremony attended by the Kuwaiti Minister of Information.

Jochen Huber



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