DRM and Innovative ELearning Showcased in Africa 

The DRM Consortium is proud to sponsor and participate in the 16th International Conference and Exhibition on ICT for Education, Training and Skills Development in Dakar, Senegal on 24-26 May 2023: https://www.elearning-africa.com/conference2023/conference.php. 

The conference launched today (24th May) will include a DRM presentation (made by Aldred Dreyer and Johannes von Weyssenhoff) as part of the innovative eLearning Solutions in Low-Resource Settings session. The DRM representatives will introduce non-internet solutions to make education and literacy materials accessible to learners without access to IP. They will demonstrate how audio, textbook, graphic content, quizzes, podcasts and whole books can become accessible via DRM Digital Radio using Shortwave broadcasts. Receivers and more information on DRM for Elearning will be available at the DRM booth. 


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