DRM Photo and Quote Competition Winners Unveiled!

The very successful hybrid DRM General Assembly, held also in person in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 27-28 April after three years of physical absence, has premiered two competitions for all participants in the event (locally present or via Zoom).

For the first competition, the participants were asked to submit their best pictures linked to DRM activities. For the second competition, the guests were encouraged to send through their thoughts as to why DRM is important for them personally or for the countries they represent.

We have received quite a few entries for both competitions and the choice of the winners was not easy, as we got entries from various DRM member or non-member organisations and individuals involved in DRM.

Even colleagues of the DRM Consortium Management have submitted either pictures or quotes which for obvious reasons could not be entered into the competitions. Let us mention here (‘hors-concours’) a picture from our Vice-Chairman, Simon Keens taken in Bangladesh with BETAR personnel.

And we can also mention the quote from our Hon Chairman of the India Chapter, Mr Yogendra Pal:

DRM, the single only standard, which enables to provide not only more audio but also value-added services to international, national, regional as well as local listeners, that too very cost effectively“.

All entries sent to us showed very clear images of DRM activities, as well as the persons’ beliefs, as to why the DRM standard is so advanced and thus benefiting the broadcasters, the industry and the wider population.

Therefore, we felt that one First and one Second Prize winner was not sufficient. As a result, we awarded two First and two Second Prizes for the photo competition. The small, symbolic prizes will be sent to the winners!

The winners of the photo competition are:

First prize

Second Prize

Third Price (to reward the work and enthusiasm of professionals believing in the power of DRM digital radio)The winners for the personal quote competition are:

First prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Congratulations to ALL as you will now get your prizes!

You may find a copy of the entire DRM GA presentation by accessing this link:


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