DRM Digital Radio General Assembly – Successful, Smart and Engaging

DRM Digital Radio General Assembly – Successful, Smart and Engaging

The Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) Consortium held its first in-person General Assembly in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, post-Covid, between April 27-28, under the banner “Smart, Local and Efficient”.

The open session on April 27th brought exciting updates from all the continents, with new information from India, South Africa, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany etc.

We received fresh information directly from the top representatives of the Indonesian Communication Ministry – Kominfo – present in Palma and from the highest echelons of the Indonesian public broadcaster.

We welcomed the surprise announcement made during the GA about the start of DRM tests in Nepal, as well and welcomed the news from Pakistan and its full plans, commitment to receivers and asking for DRM mandate in cars.

Some of the key members brought their own excellent news about DRM developments (like a recent monitoring test of low-cost DRM receiver in Europe -BBC, the multi-channel capabilities of DRM in the FM band- RFmondial and the exciting link established between the ATSC 3.0 standard and DRM- Fraunhofer IIS).

The receiver session, with participation from CML Microcircuits/Cambridge Consultants, Gospell, Inntot, Fraunhofer IIS, Starwaves, NXP and others confirmed the great and innovative progress made in creating receivers for the automotive industry, recent mobile solutions and standalone receivers. The existing and new receiver solutions are already supporting the full DRM standard (AM and FM bands) and all the DRM features set giving extra benefits like EWF (Emergency Warning Functionality), distance learning, extra content in various languages.

The “DRM open day” was a global and interactive event with participants from countries as far apart as Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, several African countries, Colombia, US, UK, Egypt, Hungary, Denmark, Thailand and so many more. The presentations of this rich and news-filled day are now available at:

During the first day of the annual DRM assembly, we also announced the worthy winners of our two competitions:

On April 28th the DRM Consortium members debated and finalised the strategic directions for the coming year, with its emphasis on receivers, key areas of the world, like Asia and Africa, and general communication.

“The DRM General Assembly 2023 was an up-to the-minute showcase of our recent successes and future activities in this ever-evolving digital world”, says Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman. “Digital Radio DRM has proven with clear facts and figures that it is global, flexible and in tune with local needs; its energy and spectrum efficiency are also noteworthy and should be really promoted. The receiver progress has been remarkable. The General Assembly participants all agreed that it now needs to translate in mass production and take up of car and other receiver solutions. The DRM Consortium is in rude health. Its greatest asset is its members whose valuable expertise and activity prove that DRM is a current, perfect solution for all needs and territories, allowing everyone to stay informed, educated and safe, wherever they are.”

About DRM

Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) is the universal, openly standardised digital radio system for all broadcasting frequencies and coverage needs.

DRM on short, medium and long wave up to 30 MHz provides for efficient coverage in large areas with at least FM quality, while significantly reducing power consumption. DRM in the FM and VHF bands above 30 MHz enables flexible local and regional broadcaster-controlled services, with up to 3 stereo audio programmes plus multimedia components in half the bandwidth of a single analogue FM signal.

Advanced radio functionality thanks to DRM comprises: More services based on the highly efficient audio codec MPEG xHE-AAC and free-to-air Journaline multi-lingual text information, detailed service signalling, service linking (including to analogue AM/FM services) and DRM EWF – Emergency Warning Functionality. Enhanced DRM features include native Unicode support, station logos via SPI, Slideshow images and traffic and travel information.

The DRM Consortium was awarded by ITU for its outstanding contribution to the Telecommunications sector over the past years and has signed the EBU Smart Radio Memorandum that promotes access to free to air radio on all devices.

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