Steering Board Meeting

The Steering Board was a good opportunity to reaffirm the strategic directions agreed by the Consortium in March in Kuala Lumpur (receivers, India, Russia and

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Latest ITU activities

ITU-R BS.1660 [Planning Parameters; DRM+ added] was agreed after deletion of the very last Section on DVB-T protection ratios. What next? Roughly a 12

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DRM+ on air in New Delhi

New Delhi, 24th May 2011:  India’s capital city is getting a taste of Digital FM today with a test transmission of DRM+ on air, jointly

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An update on ITU activity

At the last meeting there was good support for adoption from many countries (administrations), but also a call for more test results. Over the last 6

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DRM+ Showcase in India

The DRM Consortium and Indian state broadcaster All India Radio (AIR) will run a test of DRM+ Digital Radio system in FM band in New

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DRM presence at NAB

These were ‘town hall’ presentations with questions and answers on the DRM standard. The strength of the DRM30 mode for LW, SW and MW was

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DRM+ Experience Day in Scotland

The presentations covering the system design and transmitter installation were supplemented by a real taste of DRM+ while driving around in a specially fitted vehicle

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