DRM Broadcast on 80th Anniversary of Woofferton Transmitting Station UK (WOF)

On a sunny autumn day (October 17th) among the green hills of western England big celebrations took place to mark 80 years of uninterrupted transmission from the largest shortwave station in the UK.

The Woofferton station was originally built by the BBC during the Second World War to house shortwave (HF) broadcasting transmitters. The facility started broadcasting on 17th October 1943 and had six 50 kW RCA transmitters at that time. Modernisation of the site was carried out many times since its construction and is now capable to use also the DRM standard, providing daily digital radio programmes to the world.

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DRM Is in Tune With Asia

“Big and populous countries like India, China, Indonesia and Pakistan still need a wide-range, cheap platform for news dissemination” At IBC, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)

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CML New Module DRM1000 Released

CML Micro and Cambridge Consultants announced the availability of their lowest-cost, lowest-power and smallest sized Digital Radio Mondiale broadcast receiver module during the major DRM

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