DRM Travels the World

On April 22nd C.M. Obrecht from Switzerland (DRM supporter) transmitted one hour of electronic music in DRM shortwave. The transmission was done by Encompass Media

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DRM Is Smart and on the Way Up

Radioworld.com has published the chairman of the DRM Consortium’s article which can be found here:  https://s.drm.org/1Icv   This was the conclusion and feeling of the

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DRM Digital Radio General Assembly – Successful, Smart and Engaging

The Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) Consortium held its first in-person General Assembly in Palma de Mallorca, Spain post-Covid, between April 27-28, under the banner “Smart, Local and Efficient”.

The open session on April 27th brought exciting updates from all the continents, with new information from India, South Africa, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany etc.

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DRM Photo and Quote Competition Winners Unveiled!

For the first competition, the participants were asked to submit their best pictures linked to DRM activities. For the second competition, the guests were encouraged to send through their thoughts as to why DRM is important for them personally or for the countries they represent.

We have received quite a few entries for both competitions and the choice of the winners was not easy, as we got entries from various DRM member or non-member organisations and individuals involved in DRM.

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DRM General Assembly – Exciting New Developments

The annual DRM General Assembly concluded in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on April 28th. About 80 participants from all the continents (founding members and new joiners) actively attended the open day of the meeting. Each discussion and presentation announced new developments. The general conclusion was that DRM is not only truly global but also in very good health enjoying lots of interest from countries as far apart as India, Indonesia, South Africa, Middle East, Colombia, Hungary, Finland, Pakistan, Nepal etc. The receiver news, the projects highlighting the unique and extra benefits of DRM stimulated interest and discussions which were the hallmark of one of the best general assemblies held by the DRM Consortium.

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